Watch Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2 full movie

Title: Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2
Release date: 2017
Genres: History
Movie length: 67 min

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Yeah, this movie line was one of the innovational in 2017. Fantastic music, world-class quality. Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2 is so dull movie. In our opinion, one of the worst movies of 2017. The duration is 67 min of boring content with bad play of and other . You do not believe in what they are doing, you don’t believe in dialogs, you don’t believe in emotions that they are playing. We can say without any hesitations that Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2 is one of the most tedious and uninteresting movies in History. The rates of the movie are very low. Watch the movie if you ready don’t have what to do and want to waste 67 min of life. Don’t wait. Start watching this movie right now. Bookmark Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2 movie; and share with friends.

Watch Milada full movie

Title: Milada
Release date: 2017
Genres: Biography; Drama; History
Actors: Ayelet Zurer, Robert Gant, Daniel Rchichev, Karina Rchichev, Tatjana Medvecká, Vica Kerekes, Igor Orozovic, Jaromír Dulava, Alena Mihulová, Vladimír Javorský, David Mrnka
Director: David Mrnka
Movie length: 130 min

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If you are a devotee of a History films then just get congratulations because one of the best films ever in this genre. The action Milada of 2017 year. Starring Daniel Rchichev, David Mrnka, Vladimír Javorský, Karina Rchichev, Alena Mihulová are acting really exciting and sometimes when you forget that it is movie and start perceive it like a reality. Some moments are too long and there are sometimes a boring and unnecessary dialogs too and that is why the length of the film is 130 min. Watch Milada now and we thing you would love it. Milada movie is a really decent movie, filled with lots of great action. Still waiting? Go and start watching the movie right now. Do not hesitate to like this movie.

Watch Salyut-7 full movie

Title: Salyut-7
Release date: 2017
Genres: Action; Drama; History
Actors: Lyubov Aksyonova, Ilya Andryukov, Pavel Derevyanko, Oksana Fandera, Vasiliy Ignatich, Vitaliy Khaev, Sergey Korenkov, Natalya Kudryashova, Vladimir Matveev, Mariya Mironova, Klim Shipenko
Director: Klim Shipenko
Movie length: 111 min

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What do you believe why Salyut-7 from Drama category got the average mark from us? Because it is really average and it is impossible to find many outstanding scenes to watch in it. If you got a lot of boring time and want to spend 111 min of it then this action of year 2017 is your chance to spend it in a little bit more enjoyable way. But we think, the acting of Pavel Derevyanko in main role and outstanding Pavel Derevyanko, Ilya Andryukov, Vitaliy Khaev, Vladimir Matveev in other roles is not convincing at all. The movie is not only a great must watch and great film, but it is created to be a classic. I think you will love Salyut-7 movie. Thanks. :-)

Watch Sergeant York full movie

Title: Sergeant York
Release date: 1941
Genres: Biography; Drama; History; War
Actors: Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Joan Leslie, George Tobias, Stanley Ridges, Margaret Wycherly, Ward Bond, Noah Beery Jr., June Lockhart, Dickie Moore, Howard Hawks
Director: Howard Hawks
Movie length: 134 min

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Sergeant York movie is a really cool movie, that filled with much of fantastic action. Sergeant York will be so fascinating for all real lovers of History genre. It is so nice and so impressive and everything here looks very nice. Here u will find nice acting of your beloved actors like Joan Leslie, Dickie Moore who are really pro and definitely know what is what in acting. Yes, some scenes are a little bit too long and boring and that is why the duration of the movie in 134 mins. But it is the problem of director of the film, nor the actors. So, if u love to see some nice a little bit long movie of year 1941 then Sergeant York is right before u! :) I know that you will enjoy Sergeant York movie. Bye.

Watch Hustlers Convention full movie

Title: Hustlers Convention
Release date: 2015
Genres: Documentary; Animation; History
Actors: Chuck D., Ice-T, Jalal Nuriddin, Abdul Malik Al Nasir, Omar Ben Hassan, Fab 5 Freddy, Nelson George, Darius James, Greil Marcus, MC Lyte, Mike Todd
Director: Mike Todd
Movie length: 96 min

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Hustlers Convention film has a pretty superior cast, some very impressive action. If you have free 96 m of your life and have not got any idea about how to spend them then you could watch Hustlers Convention that is not interesting film in History niche of year 2015. Maybe there are some moments of the film that would even be quite interesting for u but the film with not nice acting of Darius James, Jalal Nuriddin, Greil Marcus, Chuck D. is not cool, if our opinion is interesting to you. So, if you are looking forward, you could check it up but in my humble opinion, there are some more interesting things to do in your free time. Yo! Still waiting? We know that you will take pleasure in this film.

Watch The Savage Peace full movie

Title: The Savage Peace
Release date: 2015
Genres: Documentary; History
Actors: Michael Pennington, Christa Ronke, Marianne Becker, Meda Mládek, Stanislava Zverinova, Helena Dvorácková, Milena Sukova, Hugo Fritsch, Emil Pupik, Peter Molloy
Director: Peter Molloy
Movie length: 60 min

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It’s a good movie especially for fans of Marianne Becker, Emil Pupik. Cool effects, good written, nice direction, and good acted. The Savage Peace History movie was created in late 2015. Marianne Becker, Emil Pupik made this History show so great. I think that you 100% will like this flick. It is just my imho.

Watch In This Corner of the World full movie

Title: In This Corner of the World
Release date: 2016
Genres: Animation; Drama; History
Actors: Rena Nônen, Kira Buckland, Christine Marie Cabanos, Barbara Goodson, Todd Haberkorn, Megumi Han, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Natsuki Inaba, Nanase Iwai, Minori Omi, Sunao Katabuchi
Director: Sunao Katabuchi
Movie length: 130 min

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It is truth that you would become impressed during so cool pastime with this so wonderful film, In This Corner of the World. It would impress you so much and you will understand that it is one of the best of all actions of year 2016 in Animation niche. There is a so convincing acting of such well-known actors like Sunao Katabuchi, Todd Haberkorn, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Christine Marie Cabanos, Megumi Han. So, if you really love to watch Animation actions then you should not miss an opportunity of spending 130 minutes with In This Corner of the World. We think that u will like it very much. If you are mad about Animation films with some world-class action then In This Corner of the World is one of the best movie for you. Waiting? Start watching this movie right now. Tweet this movie; and share it.

Watch 500 Nations full movie

Title: 500 Nations
Release date: 1995
Genres: History
Actors: Alma Martinez
Movie length: 0 min

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Now just better stop searching for other movies in History genre because one of the most wonderful of all, 500 Nations is before you right now! It is truth that this is one of the greatest of films of 1995 with nice playing of Alma Martinez and with Alma Martinez in main role. The great story is shown here and you should just start getting many of delightful and so nice time examining 500 Nations. It is truth that you would not regret about this choice. Duration: 0 mins. We hope, you will get pleasure from the movie! If you are mad about History movies with much of good action then 500 Nations is the best movie for you. Hope that you will love this movie. 😉 Tweet 500 Nations link and share.

Watch Rogue Trader full movie

Title: Rogue Trader
Release date: 1999
Genres: Crime; Drama; History; Thriller
Actors: Ewan McGregor, Anna Friel, Yves Beneyton, Betsy Brantley, Caroline Langrishe, Nigel Lindsay, Tim McInnerny, Irene Ng, Lee Ross, Simon Shepherd, James Dearden
Director: James Dearden
Movie length: 101 min

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Are you interested in spending some pleasurable time alone or with buddies? Then you should not be against of watching Rogue Trader that is probably one of the most excellent actions of 1999 in History niche. Such a well-known actors like: Simon Shepherd, Nigel Lindsay, Lee Ross, Caroline Langrishe are acting in it and it is absolutely truth that their acting would bring so many of cool positive impressions to u. Running time of the action is: 101 minutes. We think u would certainly like it very much and wish you a good screening. Rogue Trader film will gonna boom your head in pieces. I hope that you 100% will like this flick. It is just my point of view.

Watch Martyrs of the Alamo full movie

Title: Martyrs of the Alamo
Release date: 1915
Genres: Drama; History; War; Western
Actors: Sam De Grasse, Allan Sears, Walter Long, Alfred Paget, Fred Burns, John T. Dillon, Douglas Fairbanks, Juanita Hansen, Ora Carew, Tom Wilson, Christy Cabanne
Director: Christy Cabanne
Movie length: 71 min

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You found right film to see now. Here we gather useful urls to enjoy Martyrs of the Alamo. Movie length is 71 m. Film belongs to Drama genre, made in late 1915. Don’t wait. Start watching this film right now. Tweet Martyrs of the Alamo movie, and share it.